Tartan Weddings

Have a Highland Fling with your own Tartan Wedding!

 For those of you with a yearning to express your Scottish heritage, think about a fully kilted groom's bridal party, and authentic tartan-dressed celebrant along with the gorgeous traditional white dressed bride.

I would be happy to wear my Scottish outfit at your wedding if you wish.

Be different, be daring with a ceremony that reflects your heritage and celebrates a vivid past with kilts, bagpipes and fiddle music. I can advise you on resources for all these services.

Add a delightful touch to your special day

with Joe Mcgrail-bateup, escorting you to and from the ceremony

email: towncriercbr@gmail.com

0488 929 920


 Thank you so much for being a special part in our beautiful wedding. You were respectful of our wishes and vision all the way through planning the ceremony while at the same time providing us with some very wise suggestions and advice.

A special compliment also on your authentic tartan outfit that worked magically with Craig’s kilt. It was a great highlight of ours and looked brilliant on the day and in all our photos.

The day was just perfect.

Many thanks, C& J Thomson